A Bit About Us

We are a team, who love games, especially interactive story games. We love technology and we believe the power of interactiveness. To do so, we are developing the interactive story based mobile games with top-tier narratives and gameplay.

EDDA Interactive is a interactive tech company founded in December 2018 with a vision of changing the mobile gaming industry for a more interactive and quality game environment. The mission of EDDA Interactive is to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the unique power of interactivity and innovative technologies that will make ours the world’s future premier interactive company.

EDDA Interactive’s first and the most popular game Director: Xenite hits Top10 Games category several times in App Store and with more than 50,000 gamers it is becoming the most popular interactive fiction game in the world.

Meet The Team

Meet with #TeamEDDA.

Barış Eğilli

Caner Doğru

Poyraz Göksel
Unity Developer

Hasancan Ersöz
UI/UX Designer

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